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E+M+A is a unique formula, without competition on the market. It is combining perfectly natural ingredients that are recognized for their efficience, powerful antioxydant features, source of energy and fortifying the central nervous system in general and memory and concentration in particular. If each ingredient taken separately is a complete product in itself, combined in this remarquable pills, it becomes an indispensable product on your way to optimal heath.

Pronaphyt natural supplements made in quebec, canada, energy, memory, energy


Ginseng + Ginkgo Biloba + Spirulina + Maca + Alfalfa + Choline

Thanks to its ingredients, E+M+A offers all the necessary energy for hard labour, studies and sportive activities. It allows a fast recovery after significant tiredness.


Ginseng + Ginkgo Biloba + Maca + Choline

In this world where competition is becoming more and more important, memory and cognitive abilities are essential to be successful. E+M+A helps you to bring back your mental concentration and boosts neuronal transmission in order to help have an agile mind.


Resveratrol + Turmeric + Spirulina + Maca

Modern food habits, stress and sedentary life open the door to free radicals. These silent enemies accelerate skin and organs aging and favour the development of degenerative diseases.  For this reason, we have developed a formula that contains the best antioxidants to offer ultimate protection and a genuine shield against oxidation caused by free radicals.

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Pronaphyt, natural supplement, improve energy, memory, strenght, concentration, cognitive abilities

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, permanent hydration, enough sleep and a regular use of E+M+A will give you a superior wellbeing in life.


Do not limit yourself. You deserve the best. For more information:

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